Monday, December 19, 2016

It's a Wonderful Life

My son, after his first Portland State
University choir concert in 2009.

I'm happy to have one of my poems included in the new collection from The Poeming Pigeon. Poems About Music includes a chorus of powerful work by Tricia Knoll, Carolyn Martin, Judith Arcana, Shawn Aveningo, Claudia F. Savage, and many others. To buy a copy of the book, click

My contribution to the journal, a piece called "My Son, Singing," was inspired by the many Portland State University choir concerts I attended when my son was a member of the aptly named Man Choir. As the granddaughter of a drummer/dance band leader and the sister of a trumpet player, I've always been in awe of anyone with musical talent, although I'm proud to say that I've recently learned how to pick out "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" on the piano, much like George Bailey's daughter Janie does in It's a Wonderful Life.

Our family watches that movie every year, but this December it took on a new meaning. Mr. Potter, a wealthy, "frustrated, warped old man" steals $8,000 from good-guy George Bailey's puny business and gets poor George in trouble with the law. But never fear, the regular folks of the town raise the cash to keep him from going to jail. Mr. Potter gets off scot-free (and gets to keep the money), but who cares? The rest of the town celebrates Christmas together by singing.